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Meal Plan Card System

The Meal Plan card program was created for the benefit of students who need time to organize/finalise loan applications and also for students who are not well off. Apart from that, this program was created to ensure that food expenditure of students is controlled to give rise to students who are healthy and academically successful and brilliant.

UPM represents the only university which has prepared this food system called the Meal Plan Card System. Advance allocations are given to new students to ease fulfil their food requirements before their scholarships or loans are approved. A great deal of benefits is obtained by the students under this system. It helps fulfil the burden of students who are not well off. In line with the advent of the advanced technology era, increase in the applications of this card is possible. It should have the ability to provide students more additional benefits other than merely in purchase of food alone. With the advent of technology, the use of the card can be expanded. As such, the students can use the card for a variety of purchases to facilitate their studies at UPM.